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How should the belt be maintained?

How to maintain the belt, belt maintenance methods to share
The belt is the ornament, also is has the most touching personal superiority, the leather strap not only elegant, has the fashionable feeling, the clothing matches the suitable belt, can let the wearer look more makings. However it is not easy to maintain belt table fans feel the pain! Mentioned Market Research Report of belt, although the belt is consumables have certain life, but if you have the correct knowledge and belt maintenance idea, will be able to make your skin watchband has a longer service life, after all, the price of belt to several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan between, is not cheap goods. Leather belt hardening, cracking and acid odor do? Explain the following belt maintenance good method.
Belt maintenance method 1.
Shen wet or rain belt is not remove as soon as possible, immediately to a dry cloth dry and squeeze dry, can continue to wear; because the body has to collect temperature, must be dry or coated on the leather belt in the oil, have a protective effect on the belt, the belt maintenance better.
Belt maintenance method 2.
When the belt has a sour smell, with a soft bristled toothbrush dampened with fragrant soap scrub the dirt quickly, quickly rinse with water, “pinching” will make the soap can be, the best course in 15 seconds; in addition to dry or use a hair dryer from 15 male branch (lest belt drying is complete, charred) deformation belt.
Consumers can also put a little leather oil on the belt, “leather oil” not only has a protective effect on the belt, but also makes the maintenance work more perfect. Attention! You’d better take off the watch and wash the sides of the belt separately. Avoid the belt being soaked.
Survey found that, when wearing a belt strap watch for a long time, not only will produce odor, hardening and cracking are also common symptoms. Sweat is yuan brother erosion in the cortex, let the belt deformation, hardening and fracture, leading to the loss or watch often inexplicable falls is his life; cortex unbearable, should be early to develop belt maintenance and consumption concept, not cheap, to avoid unnecessary losses.

Belt purchase

Buying a belt is a kind of knowledge, and the quality of the belt and the quality of the process determine the quality and grade of the belt directly.
The belt gradually from simple pants, trousers from the original role of preventing, gradually evolved into a kind of indispensable collocation, has not only confined to the woman, now also need belt men’s dress accessories. Therefore, to buy a good belt, for their taste, is a good manifestation.
1, single belt: single layer belt is made of a layer of leather, take the buckle buckle, observe the cross section of the belt can be seen. And after the leather belt is bent hard, the crease is not obvious and easy to recover, but the imitation leather can not be done so that it can be broken easily.
2, two or multi belt: 2 or 3 layers of leather suture, take the buckle, observe the cross section of the belt can be seen. Usually leather are proof of two or more layers of belt, is a 3 layer of skin layer and a layer of leather, some middle sponge filling. The nail can be peeled off at the cross section to try to strip the surface of the belt.

A diagrammatic illustration of a belt

Cowhide is usually the best material for making a formal leather belt. If the peculiar style do you want, you can choose to alligator, lizard skin, ostrich skin or snake material belt. But frankly, this kind of belt is better suited to the same texture of cowboy boots.
Other clothing will also have a bearing on the choice of belts. Black trousers should, of course, be fitted with black belts. Depending on the color of your shoes, you can choose between a brown and black belt and a pair of Khaki pants. In addition, the black belt is called “universal belt”, because it is not particularly conspicuous with any clothing. When choosing a belt, don’t forget to make sure its width is the same as the belt loop on your pants. If you have a fashionable and beautiful suit, you can use straps instead of belts. But please don’t use straps while wearing khaki or straps or belts. Use the buttons in the pants belt is always better than the clip in the depths.
N series diagram of belt.

What material is good for belts?

Can be processed into many kinds of leather belt, the main material, crocodile skin and leather (including the first layer of leather, leather, two layer two layer, two layer transfer film coating), PU leather, PVC leather, recycled leather (leather shift membrane regeneration and regeneration spraying), as currently on the market the most high-end as the first layer of leather (leather, leather and skin cream is divided into wet blue tree).
That is obviously a shallow wet blue – blue leather treatment plant (refer to the specific process of leather water treatment).
The bark of a tree — the colour that is unstained. Vegetable tanned leather flexibility of small, easily changeable water soft, plasticity integer, color from the color yellowish pink to pale brown, suitable for a variety of colors of leather craft decoration and Pidiao, vegetable tanned leather, so they are also known as tree cream skin, some written in the tree bark. The characteristics of vegetable tanning cake after fatliquored leather tanning leather soft leather fiber compaction, extensibility, good formability, surface full elastic, non greasy, leather grain, suede luster, soft water variable.

What’s the size of the belt?

Buy clothing belt size is a good common sense to know, belt or belt comfort is the first, you change the relationship between waistline belt size in recent years, do not loose the best. The gucci belt model details the gucci belt size / size. We illustrate the gucci belt size list with several gucci belt models.
Gucci / belt belt is about 90-115cm, the size of general Mens belt is 90-130cm, 2.5-3 cm wide, 4 cm wide dress belt, a belt length is generally sufficient size, as long as the need to intercept or punch. A male belt usually has a waist length of +15–30CM, but can be a little shorter if it is fashionable. The gucci belt sizes for women’s wear are basically good enough.

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